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FTI GROUP Governance & Compliance


Compliance is about acting in accordance with the rules that govern our behaviour. These rules can be externally imposed through laws or regulations, or internally defined through policies, procedures and controls.

Acting responsible, in an ethically correct and lawful manner is equally important to the success of FTI GROUP (“FTI”) as our customer orientation, exclusive content, and services.

Compliance is an essential element to ensure sustainable success of our business, protects employees, managers and the underlying organization from unnecessary risks, and highlights the right way where doubt arises.

The Compliance organization of FTI operates at three levels: prevention, detection and response. Compliance is responsible for all compliance-relevant activities, helps to ensure that regulations are met, coordinates and conducts trainings and supports the design and implementation of globally binding internal standards. FTI installed a group-wide overarching Governance & Compliance function to integrate Compliance at management level under the leadership of Chief Governance & Compliance Officer Marc Waeber.


Our Code of Conduct defines the ethical and legal framework for our corporate actions and covers our shared values and consequent internal behavioral norms. We expect our employees and business partners to adhere to our ethical standards and value a culture of open and direct communication.


Code of Conduct english / arabic / croatian / french / germangreek / italian / polish / portugese / spanish / thai / turkish 


Misconduct by internal and external individuals can cause permanent damage to FTI GROUP (“FTI”) as a company as well as its shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders. FTI is therefore obliged to prevent any form of improper or even criminal acts within its own sphere of influence. This includes providing reporting channels so that employees and external persons can simply and confidentially report cases of possible misconduct.

Being able to make a report is not new at FTI. An electronic Compliance Incident Reporting system is available next to the existing reporting channels. This allows uncomplicated, direct and secure reporting. Our Compliance Incident Reporting system is an independent website hosted by the German EQS Group AG. 

To report a suspicious case, please click on the following link:

Reports of possible misconduct in the following areas can be made via the Integrityline:
•    Fraud and embezzlement
•    Corruption and bribery
•    Anti-trust & competition law
•    Money laundering
•    Conflicts of interest
•    Tax fraud
•    Other economic crimes
•    Data protection & information security
•    Sexual harassment

Every report is followed up. Following a discreet examination of its plausibility, corresponding investigations will be undertaken if warranted and any necessary measures taken.

For questions and concerns, please contact FTI GROUP, Governance & Compliance, Landsbergerstrasse 88, 80336 Munich, Germany, or the Compliance Help Desk at: