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FTI, flexible & fair: FTI offers new cancellation options for hotel-only-bookings.

"The requirements for flexibility in travel decisions have grown in view of the constant changes in pandemic times, which is why we as a package tour operator also want to accommodate all those guests who organize their travel individually and only conclude a hotel booking with us," explains FTI Group Managing Director Ralph Schiller, adding: "We are therefore pleased to be able to offer a free cancellation option for hotel-only stays permanently and without surcharge or other conditions up to two weeks before the start of the trip, even outside of the self-tour destinations for which this rule has always applied."

Furthermore, for the cancellation stages starting from the 13th day before travel beginning, FTI introduces new rates for hotel-only reservations: If guests decide only between the 13th and 10th day before travel beginning to cancel their hotel stay, they pay a smaller cancellation fee, i.e. instead of 60 per cent now only 50 per cent of the travel price. Starting from the ninth day likewise fewer fees result, instead of so far 80 per cent now namely 75 per cent. Starting from the third day before vacation beginning it remains - as before also - with a fee of 85 per cent of the travel price. 

The in part still more accommodating conditions in the city trip range with free cancellation option to 24 hours before journey as well as driveFTI reservations remain the same as before.