People Social corporate responsibility

We at the FTI GROUP are convinced that a culture that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion is the basis for a value-based corporate culture and for building and expanding long-term partnerships. The measures that are the focus of our activities are outlined below:

Due diligence along the supply chain

As the third-largest tour operator in Europe with more than 10,000 employees worldwide and more than 1,000 employees in Germany, the FTI GROUP has been subject to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act ("Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz" or short "LkSG") since January 2024. 

We are aware of our corporate responsibility and are committed to our three core values of integrity, respect and responsibility. These values determine our daily actions. Our aim is to strengthen people's rights and protect the environment, as well as to prevent and avoid violations of these rights. We want to help ensure that these fundamental rights are respected not only in our own business operations, but also in our global supply chains. 

Respect for all internationally recognised human rights is essential for us and we condemn any form of forced labour or modern slavery as well as any violations of children's rights. We are committed to equal treatment for all and a non-discriminatory environment and promote diversity and equal opportunities. Further details can be found in our policy statement.

Information on our Code of Conduct "OUR WOLRD" and our Business Partner Code of Conduct can be found under "Governance & Compliance

In addition, the FTI GROUP is a founding member of the German industry initiative "Branchenweite Trainings zur menschenrechtlichen Sorgfaltspflicht im Tourismus", which develops online training courses to promote compliance with human rights along the tourism value chain. These trainings are compliant with the German LkSG and the planned European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive ("CSDDD"). The project is being carried out in cooperation with Futouris e.V. and the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism. 

Child protection in tourism

In the area of child protection, the FTI GROUP has introduced a child protection guideline. This policy combines existing and new measures to ensure the protection of children and young people and is being implemented step by step. 

In addition, the FTI GROUP supports and participates in ECPAT International's "Don't Look Away" campaign. German FTI travel documents, for example, contain information on to sensitise guests to the issue of child protection in tourism.

Employee development, training and further education

In line with the FTI GROUP corporate value "WE CARE", the promotion of employee development and further training is a central component of our activities. The FTI GROUP promotes the internal qualification and further training of its employees through an internal learning management system. The cooperation with GoodHabitz was also launched in 2024. GoodHabitz offers over 150 courses on a wide range of languages and topics, such as digital skills, communication, leadership and well-being.

Promoting diversity, integration and equal opportunities

Supported by training and e-learning, the FTI GROUP is involved in initiatives to promote diversity, integrity and equal opportunities in tourism.

The "proud@FTI" diversity group, which was set up by employees in 2022, regularly organises several campaigns, particularly during Pride Week, and is present in Germany, Italy and Greece, among other countries. In addition, the FTI GROUP campaigns for tolerance, respect and diversity in high-profile campaigns and has joined the DRV campaign #Reisenverbindet, among others. 

Another focus is on "Women Empowerment". A corresponding women empowerment programme with a focus on the MENA region was launched in 2021/22; further formats are being planned. 
In line with this, International Women's Day on 8 March will be used for workshops, community discussions and masterclasses to raise awareness of and promote equal opportunities, diversity and integration.

In the community and supporting social projects

The FTI GROUP and its employees are committed to supporting the community, particularly in the destinations. FTI's own hotels and DMCs contribute to the environment and local communities through hands-on initiatives such as CleanUp Days and tree-planting campaigns, enriching their own working environment and the guest experience. 

Furthermore, some hotels have their own organic gardens where wheat, regional fruit and vegetables are grown. In the event of "overproduction", fruit and vegetables are given to the community. Since 2018, the FTI GROUP has sponsored bees from the award-winning Munich start-up nearBees. Two bee colonies, each with around 50,000 bees, currently have their home on one of the roof terraces at the company headquarters in Munich.

The Group regularly takes part in charity running events, such as the "Runtalya 2024", the "B2Run" in Berlin and Munich and the worldwide "Wings for Life Run". 

The German travel agency franchise Touristik Vertriebsgesellschaft (TVG) is also involved in various projects in Sri Lanka alongside Handicap International, providing acute aid for needy children in Colombo and supporting the nationwide school4all initiative, for example. The FTI GROUP is also a member of the "DRV Hilfe ohne Grenzen e.V." association.