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Environmental management & energy efficiency

The FTI GROUP has opted for Travelife certification - Accommodation and Tour Operator & Travel Agencies - for its hotels and DMCs. Monitoring environmental indicators and deriving potential savings and changes is a central component of Travelife certification. More information under "Business". Environmental certification is being sought for the tour operator and FTI Touristik GmbH in Munich. In addition, the focus is on energy efficiency and energy monitoring. 

The FTI GROUP is promoting the avoidance of plastic waste, e.g. through the use of energy-saving water dispensers - where employees can fill their drinking bottles free of charge - or the avoidance of disposable plastic bottles. The same applies to the introduction of the ReCup cup system in the "Kairaba Lounge", the staff restaurant in Munich. To save packaging material, the restaurant uses fresh food counters and only serves muesli or desserts in containers made from reusable material, for example.

Corporate Travel

Our Group-wide business travel policy is designed with sustainability in mind. Key elements include giving preference to hotels certified as sustainable and favouring the use of high-speed trains for domestic business trips or destinations up to 550 km away. 


Where possible, the FTI GROUP supports the use of electric or hybrid vehicles and travelling by public transport. In Munich, for example, e-charging stations with corresponding parking spaces for electric and hybrid vehicles have been installed in the company's own underground car park. FTI GROUP employees can use the charging points for company cars and private vehicles free of charge. The company also subsidises the German DeutschlandticketJob or monthly tickets for public trains and transports and has been offering company bike leasing via "BusinessBike" since April 2024.