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FTI GROUP Governance & Compliance


Compliance is about acting in accordance with the rules that govern our behaviour. These rules can be externally imposed through laws or regulations, or internally defined through policies, procedures and controls. Acting responsible, in an ethically correct and lawful manner is equally important to the success of FTI GROUP (β€œFTI”) as our customer orientation, exclusive content, and services.

Compliance is an essential element to ensure sustainable success of our business, protects employees, managers and the underlying organization from unnecessary risks, and highlights the right way where doubt arises.

The Compliance organization of FTI operates at three levels: prevention, detection and response. Compliance is responsible for all compliance-relevant activities, helps to ensure that regulations are met, coordinates and conducts trainings and supports the design and implementation of globally binding internal standards. FTI installed a group-wide overarching Governance & Compliance function to integrate Compliance at management level under the leadership of Chief Governance & Compliance Officer Marc Waeber.


For questions and concerns, please contact the Compliance Help Desk at: or

Governance & Compliance
Landsbergerstrasse 88
80339 Munich, Germany

Compliance Incident Reporting

Integrity is important to us. Suspected misconduct can be confidentially reported at any time via the FTI Integrity Line.

FTI GROUP Code of Conduct

In our official Code of Conduct, we openly and transparently set out our values, trade guidelines and the demands we place on ourselves.

FTI GROUP Supply Chain Compliance

In our own business area, we demand legally compliant, ethically correct and sustainable behaviour. We expect the same from partners.