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Environment & Sustainability at the FTI GROUP

Climate and environmental protection initiatives and social projects

As the fourth largest tour operator in Europe, it is very important to us to orient our actions towards sustainability and to engage ourselves in the social area. That is why we participate in numerous initiatives and projects.


Among other things, in the production of our catalogues and travel brochures we attach great importance to conserving natural resources as effectively and sustainably as possible. For example, the Eversfrank Group, which is responsible for the printing process of our catalogues, works with 100% green electricity. 


We also set standards in sustainability at our headquarters in Munich. When the GROUP moved into the certified Green Building in 2010, it was the first "Gold" office building in Munich to be awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification.

It is characterised by its environmentally friendly heating and cooling system, the energy-saving and motion-sensitive light sensors, the water-saving modules in the sanitary areas and the pollutant-free building materials obtained from sustainable forestry.

In addition, in June 2018 we took over a bee sponsorship from the multiple-award-winning startup nearBees in Munich. In this way we contribute to the preservation of the environment and the protection of bees. On a closed-off roof terrace of our corporate headquarters in the west of Munich we keep three bee colonies with a total of about 150.000 bees. From there it’s a short distance to surrounding gardens and parks to pollinate flowers, collect nectar and make honey. They are looked after by a state-certified beekeeper and 50 volunteers, who work at FTI. Our produced honey is used in the staff restaurant and given to partners as a small gift.


Furthermore, the FTI GROUP works together with the climate protection organisations Atmosfair and myclimate and enables its customers to make a contribution to offsetting CO2 emissions. FTI offers initiatives that implement or support climate and environmental projects. With your voluntary donation for one of these companies, you can contribute to climate and environmental protection yourself.


Decide for yourself whether you would like to make a donation.


Find out more here

FTI collaboration with Futouris

As Europe's fourth largest tour operator, FTI GROUP is particularly committed to making tourism as sustainable as possible. Together with other leading travel companies, we are therefore a member of Futouris e.V., the tourism industry's sustainability initiative. We work together on numerous projects in popular travel destinations, including waste prevention, food waste and animal welfare initiatives.


Sustainable: Since September 2016, the FTI GROUP has been a member of the Futouris sustainability initiative and, together with other leading tour operators in Germany, is committed to promoting future-oriented tourism. As a first step, the company and its hotel brand LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts have become involved in the "Sustainable Food" model project, which aims to reduce food waste in hotels.

This includes an analysis of food waste during buffet preparation, staff training and support for partner hotels during the improvement phase. The project phase runs in Calabria.


Social: In addition, the tour operator is supporting a project of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to give young Moroccans access to training positions in the hotel industry.


Active: Furthermore, FTI has joined forces with Futouris and other tour operators to audit animal attractions. The ABTA criteria (minimum requirements) form the basis for auditing. A regional focus for the first audits is Thailand, the Mediterranean (focus on Spain) and the USA. In addition, the hotels "Atlantis The Palm" in Dubai and "Rixos Legends" in Turkey are also in the focus due to their special tourist significance.


Further sustainability projects

... in our destinations:

The FTI GROUP works together with companies and partner destinations that place particularly high value on renewable and recyclable ressources with environmentally friendly cultivation and production methods. In Egypt, the Egyptian seaside resort of El Gouna, owned by FTI GROUP partner Samih Sawiris, is aiming to become Africa's first climate-neutral city. Actor Hannes Jaenicke, also an active environmentalist, was just as much impressed by a documentary about dolphins living by the El Gouna lagoon as by the city itself: At El Gouna, in addition to a broad traffic infrastructure and energy and water supply, a high value is placed on sustainability. The Green City, which has won an award for its environmental protection, impresses with its diverse hotel concepts of three to six stars as well as European hygiene and cleanliness standards, and sets itself the goal of protecting the country's natural resources by, among other things, reducing water and energy consumption and using renewable energies. Hotel employees and their families are also provided for in El Gouna through the provision of apartments, so that the employees live close to work.

FTI is also committed to environmental protection in other destinations. For example, a media trip to Namibia took place in January 2018, which focused on sustainability: Namibia is the first country in the world to enshrine environmental protection into its constitution. Today, more than 43 percent of the state's territory is a national park, state or private nature reserve, forest area, or municipal or commercial protected area under special supervision. The concept of community conservation, which was launched by the Namibian state in 1996, is of central importance in this context. The aim of the programme is to manage natural resources sustainably and generate income for rural communities.


... with regard to our accommodation:


FTI has constantly increased its range for nutrition-conscious and sustainably oriented holidaymakers and expanded its "Vitality" product line, which was introduced in winter 2016/17. The portfolio rose from six hotels in the pre-season to a total of 52 at present. The largest growth was achieved by its self-drive destinations in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. On medium-haul routes, hotels in Greece, Cyprus, Morocco and Turkey also developed well. The response to the introduction of "Vitality" was very positive on both the customer and sales sides. With "Vitality", FTI is aimed at customers who value a sustainable concept, proximity to nature and regional cuisine, even on holiday. The tour operator divides the product line into the subgroups “Vitality Spirit” and “Vitality Gourmet”. “Vitality Spirit” stands for sustainable management of the hotel complex. This includes using local materials for construction. The “Vitality Gourmet” label is awarded to hotels, that focus on nutrition and specialise, for example, in slow food with high-quality and carefully processed ingredients from the region.

Starting with 2018 all certified sustainable hotels in the catalogues of FTI are labeled as such under the green travel transformation initiative with a uniform industry icon and are also marked in all booking systems. 1,500 hotels in the FTI portfolio currently bear this label, which makes FTI one of the tour operators with the largest sustainable product range. These hotels commit themselves to comply with specific criteria, such as social responsibility - this includes fair payment for employees - protecting local biodiversity in animals and plants, and offering fresh and regional food and beverages. In addition, each hotel is committed to preserving the local culture and providing authentic holiday experiences to our guests. Also, the hotels integrate local partners and products.

FTI also equips its hotel brands Kairaba Hotels & Resorts und Design Plus with products of the "Malaika" label. “Malaika Linens” is a social project in which Egyptian women make towels and bed linen from fine Egyptian cotton.

The Cairo-based company has been producing textiles from high-quality materials since 2004. A particular speciality is the additional finishing of textiles in traditional manual work, for example with embroidery or pleats. "Malaika" has now trained about 60 employees for this work, allowing them to learn their own craft and earn their own living, which also makes them independent. "Malaika Linens" not only offers a quality and environmentally friendly product line, but also fair working conditions for Egyptian women and fair pay that can be used to feed the whole family.


... with regard to our guests:

Together with MODUL University of Vienna, FTI is developing the project for "guest communication" with the aim of creating and testing instruments for advertising the availability of sustainable food and drink during holidays. It relies on certain measures such as the development of suitable communication instruments (e.g. buffet signage, digital information media, information on staff) with the involvement of partner hotels of Futouris members.

Project locations are in Austria and another target area for the test (Turkey and Spain/Canary Islands). The project has been running from autumn 2016 until the end of 2017. A display of information for the guests about a sustainable and regional food supply and avoidance of food waste was also included.


... with regard to our own employees and trainees:

With a strong subsidy from Kairaba Lounge GmbH, the company's gastronomy expert, FTI takes an important step against the cost explosion in the city of Munich by enabling around 1,200 employees, including 60 to 70 trainees a year, to enjoy the highest food quality at low prices at the GROUP headquarters throughout the day. The Kairaba Lounge business segment comprises the operation of the restaurant and café as well as the organisation of events and VIP support at the headquarters of Germany's fourth largest tour operator.

In September 2018 our Kairaba Lounge was named as one of the leading company restaurants in Germany in a nationwide test by Food & Health e.V. in cooperation with the magazine FOCUS. The jury paid attention to the use of regional products as well as varied food choices rich in nutrition.

Since summer 2018 there is another Kairaba Lounge in the FTI GROUP’s offices in Spindlershof in Berlin. 

You will find further information online on FTI's commitment to the environment and the “Vitality” product line:

Social projects

As the fourth largest tour operator in Europe, the FTI GROUP also sees itself as responsible for society. Several locations, subsidiaries and brands also mean various social initiatives that the tour operator likes to support or initiate. Whether sponsorships for children, Christmas gifts for socially disadvantaged groups or participation in the "Muddy Angel Run", where part of the starting fee for the fight against breast cancer is used, the FTI GROUP wants to give something back to society.


The apprentices of the group also have the opportunity to get involved as soon as they start their careers. As part of "social project days", they work voluntarily and during their actual working hours in facilities such as a shelter or the Ronald McDonald House at the German Heart Center.


For the FTI GROUP, smaller, local projects are just as important as larger initiatives.

Cooperation with Tabaluga

The FTI GROUP supports Tabaluga and the Peter Maffay Foundation, which works for traumatized and chronically critically ill as well as disabled children and adolescents. For example, from mid-November 2018, the tour operator will donate € 20 for 5,000 family bookings with at least one child. In total, 100,000 € will be raised for the foundation of the artist.

Cooperation with Fly & Help
With the help of numerous donors, including the FTI GROUP partner sonnenklar.TV, the foundation of Reiner Meutsch is focusing on the construction of news schools in developing countries. The construction of two schools in Nigeria in 2014 and Rwanda in 2017 was realized thanks to the dedication of the TV station. The cooperation will be continued over the long term. 

Cooperation with Handicap International
Since August 2016 sonnenklar.TV also supports Handicap International, the global aid organization which advocates for people with disabilities, with numerous activities.

At the “Großer sonnenklar.TV Spendentag” in December 2018 for instance 165.333 Euro were collected for the cause. In addition to friends and well-wisher of Handicap International, who presented their funding campaigns and the raised money live on air during all of the day, customers were able to support the cause directly. With every booking of one of the holidays, specifically chosen for that event, five Euro per guest went automatically to Handicap International.